Zielinski Criticism is Absurd: Where was the Outrage When Walker Compared Himself to Gabby Giffords?

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In the wake of revelations that Gov. Walker would evade criminal charges in the John Doe investigation, Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesperson Graeme Zielinski sent out several tweets pointing out that Walker had spent more on his criminal defense than Wisconsin's most atrocious criminal, Jeffery Dahmer.  

I took Zielinski's comments to mean that for someone that supposedly did "nothing wrong," Walker sure spent a fortune defending himself-- even more than Jeffery Dahmer!  I don't think that making that pont is the same as "comparing" Walker with Jeffery Dahmer, as the various tentacles of the Journal Communications Corp are accusing Zielinski of doing.

In the past, I have compared Walker's dream team of criminal defense lawyers as a "something that would put O.J. to shame."  I wasn't "comparing" Walker's crime of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax payer dollars for his campaign to O.J. brutally murdering his ex-wife and Ron Goldman, I was comparing the massive army of lawyers both men employed to get themselves off.

I agree that saying "Jeffery Dahmer" in any sentence is a show-stopper and wasn't the best example of a criminal defense team to draw a comparison to, but its simply absurd to suggest that Zielinski was comparing Walker's crimes to Dahmer's crimes.  He was clearly comparing both men's high-profile defense teams.   Remember, Dahmer had nationally-known defense attorney Jerry Boyle heading up his defense team, whose credentials as a high-profile criminal defense lawyer are similar in stature to Walker's top attorneys, John Gallo and Mike Steinle.  Considering that Steinle is currently also representing another high-profile client, Ben Sebena, who is facing first degree murder charges for killing his wife, the indignation over Zielinski's comments are a bit difficult to square.

If the folks at Journal Communications want an outrageous, grossly-inappropriate campaison to get indignant over, then I would suggest they go back and review Governor Walker's actual comparison of himself having to suffer through anti-Walker protests signs to Gabby Giffords having to suffer through getting shot in the head:



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