WMC Survey Reveals CEO's True Colors

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Free Markets do not Mean Free People

Starting in the 1970, with the Heritage Foundation a series of “free market” think tanks have developed to create “studies” and reports relative to the economy and the value of free markets. The code phrase '”free market” is an indication that that think tank, political organization or “grass (AstroTurf) roots” organization is purposely, or in some cases unwittingly, actively involved in moving the nations wealth from the many to the few.

Free Market folks are not “job creators” they are “profit creators”, often they create that profit by eliminating jobs. Wisconsin, and the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) is a case in point. Recently the US Chamber of Commerce (the business union) reported that Wisconsin was dead last in the nation in short term job growth. That's right, these guys who bought Scott Walker and wrote his legislation ranked Wisconsin 50th in short term job growth. At the same meeting where they released the report, Scott Walker was one of the keynote speakers. This appears as a contradiction unless you realize that job creation has nothing to do with profits. Since the 1970's employers have actively shed their business of employees or exported jobs to slave wage countries at the expense of the American worker. Walker's current owners are no different. The WMC, which is the US Chamber's official Wisconsin organization recently published the “2013 Economic Outlook Survey”, a survey of Wisconsin's CEOs in which 94% said Wisconsin, under Walker, is going in the right direction. This is important enough to summarize:

      1. The US Chamber of Commerce Reports that Wisconsin is Dead Last in Short Term Job Growth

      2. Scott Walker is a keynote speaker at the meeting where this information is released

      3. Ninety-four percent of the WMC (Wisconsin's Chamber) CEOs think Walker is going in the right direction.

Conclusion: Wisconsin business leaders (WMC) think that being dead last in short term job growth is going in the right direction.