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Dear Fellow Wisconsinites,

Democracy and clean government in Wisconsin are on the chopping block this week.

As early as tomorrow the State Senate is taking up two bills that could drive a stake through the heart of good government in Wisconsin. The bills have already passed in the Assembly.

  • AB 388/SB 294, which smashes to bits our independent Government Accountability Board and replaces it with two partisan commissions, which is a recipe for more corruption. The GAB was just doing its job, and it’s a model for the country, according to a leading scholar of clean government.
  • AB 387/SB 292, which rewrites our campaign finance laws so that the wealthy and corporations can have more influence than ever. It doubles campaign contribution limits to candidates, and it allows unlimited donations to political parties and party committees. Worse still, it allows unlimited dark money donations to so-called independent groups, which can coordinate with the candidates themselves. And it gets rid of the requirement that donors to candidates have to identify their employer, further hiding the influence peddlers.

The fate of these two proposals hangs in the balance in the state senate. There are a handful of Republican state senators who have understandable misgivings about them.

It is absolutely vital that you contact their offices right now! And if you are one of their constituents, please identify yourself as such. It matters.

Senator Cowles (Senate District 2) --View map here.
(608) 266-0484
[email protected]

Senator Harsdorf (Senate District 10) -- View map here.
(608) 266-7745
[email protected]

Senator Olsen (Senate District 14) -- View map here.
(608) 266-0751
[email protected]

Senator Marklein (Senate District 17) -- View map here.
(608) 266-0703
[email protected]

Senator Terry Moulton (Senate District 23) -- View map here.
(608) 266-7511
[email protected]

Senator Petrowski (Senate District 29) -- View map here.
(608) 266-2502
[email protected]

Thanks for doing what you can to save clean government in Wisconsin!

To read our public testimony on these bills before a joint legislative committee, go here.

Matt Rothschild
Executive Director

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