Wisconsin Democracy Campaign - Wed. Public Hearing: Oppose Speaker Vos's Power Grab!

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December 15, 2015


Dear Friend,

          Tomorrow afternoon, the state Assembly Committee on State Affairs and Government Operations is holding a pubilc hearing on a dangerous bill, Assembly Bill 382.

          AB382 would grant the leaders of both chambers the authority to jointly appoint inspectors general in almost all executive branch agencies for terms of six years. When a single party controls both chambers—as the Republicans do—this gives that party a way to further entrench its power. They could install their cronies to meddle in the executive branch and gum up the works.

          This amounts to a power grab by Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald and other top Republicans.

          The bill is also an open invitation to corruption, as it would allow the inspector general to review claims by any individual that he or she has been adversely and substantially affected by an agency action or order. If that individual happened to be a big donor to the party in power that appointed the inspector general, there would be a strong incentive for the inspector general to side with the donor and not the agency, regardless of the public good.
          The Senate companion bill is Senate Bill 368.
          Please contact your State Assembly person and your State Senator and urge them to vote "NO" on these bills. If you are able to attend the public hearing in person, please register your opposition to AB382.
         Thanks for taking action on these bills.

Matt Rothschild
Executive Director

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