How to recall Wisconsin Attorney General J. B. Van Hollen

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The first thing you'd have to do to recall Wisconsin Attorney General J. B. Van Hollen is file a campaign registration statement with intent to recall with the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board Elections Division.

Next, you need signatures from 25% of the people who voted in the 2006 gubernatorial election in Wisconsin. That number was around 2,159,251, so 25% of that is 539,813 signatures.

You'd need a fracking boatload of well-organized volunteers to meet the 60-day deadline requirement from the time you filed the intent to recall.

Then the filing officer at GAB has 31 days to determine if the signatures collected are sufficient to meet all the legal requirements.

After those 31 days, Van Hollen has 10 days to challenge those signatures. You'd actually want the boatload of volunteers to collect at least 600,000 to make the entire effort bulletproof.

Who feels Uppity?! It's either that, or wait until 2010 to try and vote him out and pray to God that the very competent former Attorney General Peggie Lautenschlager will give the good people of Wisconsin a chance at redemption ... or maybe the cabal of Madison democrats and Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle who gave us Kathleen Falk's failed run against Van Hollen will find someone better this time around.

And YES, I'm still mad as all get out about that.