Judge Hearing DOJ Voter Suppression Case Is No GOP Tool, Was SC Judge Butler Backer

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The GOP is trying to throw the election into confusion by ensuring that massive provisional ballots be cast, as well as massive delays. Van Hollen ignores this reality and raises the specter of voting fraud.
Now, come word about missleading absentee ballots sent by the McCain campaign and voter caging. 
We have a corrupt Attorney General Van Hollen fronting for the national GOP against Wisconsin's Government Accountability Board (GAB) that is sticking up for Wisconsin voters.

Van Hollen's DOJ Complaint was filed with Dane County Judge Maryann Sumi's office.

So who is Maryann Sumi?

Sumi is listed as a supporter of former Wisconsin Supreme Court Judge Louis Butler on his website for his unsuccessful reelection bid.

Butler was defeated by the GOP political machine on April 1 by former Burnett County Circuit Judge Michael Gableman.

Sumi has been on the bench since 1998 and enjoys a reputation as a fine jurist and political liberal, informed observers say.