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It's been a long night.   As I am sure you all know, Barack Obama won the presidency. Tammy Baldwin also won tonight, so the top races in the state were a big win for progressives.

On the other hand, the local races in the state didn't do as well.  At the moment it looks like the Democrats will again lose their very small majority in the state senate, but a lot of the votes are still not in.  We'll know more in the morning.

On a more local note for me, there were some disappointments.  Pat Kreitlow lost to Sean Duffy, Jim Swanson lost to John Murtha, and even though all the votes are in, it isn't looking good for Jeff Smith's attempt to win his seat back from Warren Petryk. These people are not only friends of mine, but would have been great at representing the people of Wisconsin.  They all ran great, strong, and dignified races.

There will be a lot of re-hashing of Wisconsin and national races but I will leave all of that for tomorrow.   We now return to the normal front page.