Politically Astute Walker Likely to Read Exit Polls and Start Preparing Exchanges for Obamacare

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Scott Walker is many things, but not he's no dummy-- especially when it comes to politics.

Although many are expecting Walker to announce tomorrow that he's not going to create exchanges for Obamacare, I think there is a good chance that Walker will read the writing on the wall, aka the exit polls:  Not only did Obama soundly beat Romney in Wisconsin, exit polls show that by a margin of 49% to 46%, voters said they support keeping the health care law.  Another 22% said they like parts of the health care law and that only part of it should be repealed, meaning that 71% of Wisconsinites like all or part of the health care law.

And, more imporantly, the exit polls also show Walker's job approval number is holding stead at 52%, but of that 52%, 18% voted for Obama. 

With a re-election in 2014 looming on the horizon, Walker realizes that his coalition is tenuous to say the least.  Picking a fight with Obama is bad politics and he knows it.