Give Sly The Mic: Why the Marriage of WI's Only Progressive Talker & WI's Only Progressive Radio Station Must Happen

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[img_assist|nid=318544|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=300|height=176]If you turned on the Sly this morning and only got elevator music it's because the WTDY that we knew and loved is dead and is never coming back.  For the first time in modern radio history, there is no local, high-quality progressive radio talk show in Wisconsin.

That cannot stand.
Sly needs to be back  on the air Wisconsin's only progressive radio station -- 92.1's The MIC-- are the airwaves he needs to be gracing.  
There are many reasons this makes sense, but at the top of the list:  The Mic and Sly can no longer afford to battle for the same pool of progressive listeners. Joining forces will make both stronger, while if Sly goes to a different station it will (continue) to make both weaker.
To this end, Dianne Hasselbein and I have created a website called "Give Sly the Mic" to try and make this happen.  Please visit the site and give The Mic a call or email to make this happen. Also email or call Sly and tell him the The Mic is the place he needs to land.
Remember:  Every day without Sly on the air is a great day for Scott Walker.  We all need him back ASAP.