Walker Chose the NRA Over the NEA: Can He Still Sleep at Night?

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Scott Walker

Who do You Want Controlling Your Kids School Environment: the NEA or the NRA?

We in Wisconsin have seen the negative influence of the ALEC/Koch/Bradley agenda first hand. All of Walkers initiatives have been carefully planned for over the past 40 years by the right wing big money that has purchased State houses through ALEC and Congress through the PACs.

Walker started his ill-fated first term by making it clear that he was attacking teachers unions as the enemy of education. The recurring mantra from the right wing noise machine that so dominates the Southeastern Wisconsin market and poisons the airwaves via Fox News is that Union teachers only care about benefits and working conditions, and not about students. The Free Market American Federation of Students (a front organization for privatizing education with taxpayer money) really cares about students. In any case, teachers are the enemy in Walkers Wisconsin. Act 10 and the subsequent weakening of Wisconsin's K-12 schools and reputation were a small price for Walker to ask the citizens of Wisconsin to pay as he rewards the big money that keeps him in office.

In the meantime, while the ALEC Republicans were destroying the teachers' unions in Wisconsin they were carrying water for the NRA. We now have the ALEC written concealed carry laws and the “Castle Doctrine” which has resulted in at least one needless death. After all, profits from gun sales are all part of the “free market” that Walker, ALEC, and the Koch Brothers love so much.

Walker and those like him are part of the Right-Wing World that has created the environment that has contributed to the tragedy in Connecticut.


It's time to stand up and fight back!