Insincere Response to a Concerned Citizen from the Chairman of The Board of WEDC

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Scott Walker

Dear Concerned Citizen:

Thank you for your correspondence regarding same-day voter registration.  Now, and in the past, I have been a supporter of eliminating same-day voter registration because it would reduce voter fraud and it would make election day operations easier for the many volunteer poll workers who are often overwhelmed on election day.

However, the state has evaluated the cost of eliminating same-day registration and estimates that it would likely cost the State of Wisconsin more than $5.2 million.  Given the estimated cost, I have concerns with spending that amount of money on this issue at this time.  My focus is and will continue to be economic development and job creation.   


Governor Scott Walker

 Comment: Walker can't spend time and money reducing imaginary voter fraud when he is the Chairman of WEDC which implements real financial fraud.