Fast-Tracking gets steroidal injection

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H/T to BlueCheddar

Today Glenn Grothman introduced SB 2, a bill which would change the timing of publication and enactment of new laws in the state.  Currently new laws are deposited with the Secretary of State, who must then publish the law within 10 days, after which the law goes into effect.  The new bill would speed this up considerably, and would in effect make it possible for the legislature to pass a bill, have the governor sign it, and have it go into effect the following day.

What's the big hurry? you might ask.  You may remember that when Act 10 was enacted there was quite a kerfuffle as the Secretary of State opted to take the full 10 days to publish the law, delaying the enactment of the law long enough for legal challenges to begin. Clearly the state Republicans are going to be sure this does not happen again. My guess is that they are gearing up to pass a boatload of contentious legislation (see, for example, SB 1) and don't want to get it slowed down to the extent that anyone will actually have a chance to read the bills before they go into effect.

The bill passed out of committee today after a very quickly scheduled hearing, and will be going to the Senate for consideration.  Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy year.


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