Walker: 'Bow and Arrows Pose Just as Much a Threat to School Safety as Guns'

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[img_assist|nid=354280|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=212|height=300]I kid you not, that's what Walker said a couple of weeks ago:

Walker said too much attention is paid to the weapon in such shootings and cited a recent case as an example: "We just had someone last week in Neenah near a school kill someone with a bow and arrow."

As Politifact points outs, not only was there no bow and arrow killing in Neenah, but nobody was injured.  And the incident in question didn't even happen anywhere near a school.

As usual, though, the myopic Politifact zeroes in on the exact details of Walker's point, but fail to address the larger (and more absurd) point that Walker is making: That bow and arrows (or anything else) are in the same category of deadly force as guns when it comes to mass killings. 

That's just silly and about as far away from the truth as you can get:  About 2/3 of all murders in the United States involve the use of guns and nearly all mass killings in the United States happen with guns.

And the reason why almost all mass killings have involved the use of a gun, over say... a bow and arrow... is because guns are much more efficient at killing people. 

Reasonable people can disagree about gun control and about how to best stop the next Adam Lanza, but for Walker to attempt to muddy the water about the basic facts framing this debate is... well... really not all that surprising:  Its a classic Walker response.