Oshkosh NWesern: Johnson Campaign Won't Answer if China Exports are Going to Outsourced China Plants Controlled by Wife's Family

The Oshkosh Northwestern, (the only newsaper that is covering the Senate race), is reporting that the Johnson campaign refused to answer a very simply question:

The company biography says Pacur today also enjoys a healthy export business, especially from sales in China. Johnson’s campaign declined to say how much of that export business are sales to Bemis, which also has operations in China.

This is, of course, alluding to an important issue that progressives have been pushing, which is that Johnson's "we don't export jobs to China, we export plastic" is fundamentally untruthful:  Johnson sells most of its plastic products to Bemis and its subsidiares, which are controlled by his wife's family.  While Johnson's company has not outsourced to China, Bemis has outsourced numerous jobs overseas, including opening up three plants in China.

Oshkosh Northwestern: Ron "Just Wanna Be Left Alone!" Johnson Served On Board of Gov Agency That Helps Businesses

The Oshkosh Northwestern is reporting that Ron Johnson served on the board of directors of Chamco, which they describe as the City Oshkosh's "industrial development arm."

In fact, Johnson not only served on the board of Chamco, his wife's family got considerable help from the government agency in early days when Pacur was being built:

A Feb. 16, 1986, Northwestern company profile indicates the city of Oshkosh and its industrial-development arm, Chamco Inc., lured the company to Oshkosh in 1979 by securing a $75,000 federal grant to build a rail spur and by providing assistance with construction of a 20,000-square-foot factory in the North Industrial Park.

Johnson's Old Company was on Lou Dobb's "Exporting America" List

Although Ron Johnson likes to imply that he's been at the helm of his plastic company for the last 31 years, that's not accurate.

Pacur was started in Oshkosh in 1979 by the Curler family as a captive supplier for a Bemis Plant, which was accross the street and under the authority of Bemis CEO, Howard Curler (Johnson's billionaire father-in-law.)  Johnson started out as an accountant and worked under Pacur President Pat Curler.  In 1986, the Curler family sold Pacur to a company called Bowater.  After the sale, Johnson would stay on at Pacur as President.  In 1997, Johnson bought Pacur from Bowater and since then has owned the company.

So, for nearly eleven years, Johnson worked as an employee of Bowater and Pacur was a subsidiary of Bowater.

Although Bowater has recently merged with Abitibi, before that, they were one of the companies included on Lou Dobb's Exporting America list which they descibe as:

Here is a list of companies we've confirmed are "Exporting America." These are U.S. companies either sending American jobs overseas, or choosing to employ cheap overseas labor, instead of American workers.

On Why Voting Matters, Or, Could You Outrun The Toxic Red Flood?

It is about a week before early voting begins for a bunch of us around the country, and that means this may be one of the last times I have to convince you that, frustrated progressive or not, you better get your butt to a ballot box or a mail-in envelope this November, because it really does matter.

Now I could give you a bunch of “what ifs” to make my point, or I could remind you how we spent all summer watching oil gush into the Gulf, and how that came to be...but, instead, it’s “Even More Current Event Day”, and we’re going to visit Hungary for a extremely real-world reminder of what can go wrong when the environmental cops are considered just too much of a burden by the environmental robbers—and if today’s story doesn’t scare you to death, I don’t know what will.

It ain’t Texas, but we will surely visit a Red River Valley...and you surely won’t like what you’re gonna see.

New Report Reveals More Damning Information in Johnson Sex Abuse Lawsuit Scandal

TPM has done an excellent piece of investigative journalism, looking into Johnson's role in the Green Bay Diocese sex abuse scandal, via his handling of sex abuse law suits on the Finance Council. 

First, they answer the question of why Johnson felt the urge to drive down to Madison to testify against legislation that would have lengthened the time that childhood victims of sexual abuse can take on their abusers in court:

Deacon Tim Reilly, Director of Administration for the Diocese of Green Bay told TPM that the Church played a significant role in getting Johnson to the state capital.

New Video: After Johnson Calls Self-Funded Campaign an "Investment," Calls for "Deficit Spending" on Tax Cuts for the Wealthy!

A few months ago Ron Johnson did an event at the hoity-toity Madison Club in Madison.  What made the news that day was that Ron Johnson referred to free trade agreements, which have costs Wisconsin 165,000 jobs, as a "great success" and that the job losses were simply a byproduct of "creative-destruction." 

However a newly discovered video that someone has posted on Vimeo shows that, at the same event, Johnson also made some other jaw-droppers.

First he says that the millions he is spending to buy Feingolds Senate Seat, is money well spent... an investment:

Questioner: On top of that, you're going to invest 10 million dollars in the race... well.... I don't if 'invest' is the right word, but do your neighbors think you're crazy or what? Johnson: I think 'invest' is the right word and I think that's a valid question-- six months ago I would have thought I was crazy...

Then, moments later, he says that deficit spending is OK if its spent on tax cuts for the wealthy:

Questioner: OK, you didn't like the stimulus plan... what would be your altnerative Johnson: No, no I'm absolutely opposed to that... Questioner: What's your alternative for helping the economy?

WisPolitics Lunch with Ron Johnson, Candidate for US Senate

After Bathtub Accident, O'Donnell Changes Position

Dover, Delaware (FNS)—Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell shocked the crowd at a Delaware political breakfast meeting when she announced that she has changed her thinking about masturbation following a weekend bathtub “incident”.

Spike Fromula, O’Donnell’s press secretary, explained to the press gaggle today that O’Donnell now realizes that it is possible to “masturbate without lust in your heart” after Saturday night’s revelatory event, which Fromula described as a “slip and fall episode”.

“It wasn’t exactly ‘The Passion of the Showerhead’” said Fromula, in a reference to her former work as a marketing consultant to the Mel Gibson movie of a similar name, “but there is no doubt that her thinking on the issue has evolved”.

Feingold Sacks Johnson With Great New Ad

In a new ad, Feingold makes the point that halftime victory celebrations are not wise:  especially when it rouses the opponent to step-up their game.  Or something like that.

I'm reminded of a '98 Feingold ad that involved Feingold walking on a road and saying "he was taking the high road."  It was about campaign finances, but most people took it as Feingold simply saying he was "taking the high road."  They didn't know why he was taking the high road or what what exactly he was talking about, but it really resonated with people and helped Feingold turn things around that year. 

I think the same will be true of this ad.

While we're talking football, another anecdote from '98:  Late in the campaign Feingold went to a Packers game and ran into Mike Holmgren after the game. Holmgren said he was a big Feingold fan and asked for yard sign, which, (of course), got put up in a matter of minutes.

And Holmgren isn't first Packers coach to embrace a Democrat:  Vince Lombardi campaigned vigorously for JFK in 1960. 


Number One

It's Getting Ugly - a simple example

As we're closing in on the election, campaigns are getting ugly - particularly on the dark side of the street.

Today I received a mailing about Kathleen Vinehout, claiming she's letting prisoners out of jail. 




Scary Stuff -- but it begs the question, since they don't seem real keen to admit it - what the heck are they talking about?






Well -- if you look at the really tiny print on the card, it tells you they're talking about AB 75.  What's AB 75?  It's the state budget.  That's right, Kathleen Vinehout voted to pass the state budget.  Some nerve, huh?  The budget, I'll remind you, included an early-release program for non-violent prisoners after they passed a review.  These are people who were going to get out of prison soon, but were being released early in an attempt at getting the ever-blooming correctional budget under control.  This was seized upon by Republicans as showing that Democrats were soft on crime.

The card cites a Journal Sentinel article from August as proof that convicts are already committing crimes in our communities.  Again, they cite this in the teeny-tiny print.  I'm pretty sure they're hoping you wouldn't go track down the article -- but I did, so let me tell you about it.


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