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Tom Nelson’s calls
for debates are “the last refuge of a desperate campaign... I don't have any desire to sit in a sterile area with lights and a camera when I could actually be out talking to voters about issues." … Rebecca Kleefisch.

Scott Walker and Tom Barrett are so desperate they debated in a sterile area with lights and a camera for a second time Friday night, and will do it again.

Ron Johnson Admits To Intentionally Deceiving Wisconsin Voters, Reporters

It's easy to see why Ron Johnson's campaign strategy has been to be to say absolutely nothing to reporters, in the hopes that they will sit back and forget to do their jobs. It's the only safe route for a candidate whose entire campaign is one big lie.

Take this absolutely shocking admission by Johnson which was picked up by Politico's Jim Vandehei in a recent interview:

Silence From Ron Johnson As Polls Show Dead Heat

Two recent polls of the Senate race (including one by the historically Republican-leaning Rasmussen) are reflecting other recent numbers showing Ron Johnsons' putative lead in the Senate race shrinking back towards the margin of error. Internal polls from both the Feingold campaign and DSCC show the race a dead heat. 

Ron Johnson Tolerates Online Threats, Slurs Against Feingold

Ron Johnson Tolerates Threat Against Sen. Feingold on Facebook:

The Ron Johnson campaign has repeatedly attempted to claim the moral high ground in this contest by giving Russ, one of the most ethical and honorable members of the Senate, their own new and laughable nickname.

But if it's "dirt" they are looking for, perhaps they are better off looking at the putrid, wretched slime emanating from their own supporters and tolerated by their campaign.

When In The Course of Human Events - Over 9% Unemployment

There are bloggers at Uppity that would like to make you think the election is about sub sandwich receipts or someone's unpaid medical bills. Everyone can choose what is important to them.  I have narrowed down the issues and have chosen my top 3. Unemployment, health care and the economy. Sub sandwich receipts would not make the top 100. 

Unemployment has been over 9% for quite some time. I happen to know a number of small business people and have asked them what they need to be able to create more jobs. The answer is simple. They need business. They need people to spend money purchasing their products and services. I have read Feingold's, Johnson's, Kagen's and Ribble's web sites. I believe that Johnson and Ribble have a better understanding of what the business community needs and how to create an environment that will stimulate business for them. Based on the this issue, my vote would be for Johnson and Ribble. 


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