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“A crop in the field is not a crop in the barn,” I told my non-farmer friend - it was just a day before the most recent storms when my friend marveled at the 7 foot high corn. The corn is now in a flooded field and it may be weeks before it can be harvested. Even non-farmers know the vagaries of weather keep the best of farmers up at night. With so much at stake there is no more stressful time than harvest season. And this season’s stress is compounded with recent storms. Farmers, like their city cousins, should estimate damage caused by the storms. Local city, village and town officials are busy gathering estimates on damage caused to public structures and reporting this information to the county emergency management staff. Famers should also report damage to private property including crops. Farmers with crop insurance should contact their insurance agent. Even if the crops are uninsured a farmer should estimate the damage, the number of acres and the type of crop. Include non traditional crops – market gardens, organic crops and small grains. Make a record that includes past yields, pictures of damaged or flooded fields, buildings, ruined fences or debris that must be removed. Farmers should contact their county agents to report these damages. Most agents I know have already emailed farmers on their list and asked for damage estimates.

Kleefisch disclosure political? Ya think?

A contributor to a UK website, TopNewsUK, goes where no Wisconsin commentators have dared to tread:

Rebecca Kleefisch, a candidate for the post of Lieutenant Governor from the Republican Party, has revealed something that would go, in giving a boost to her political ventures by a long way...

The statement made by Ms. Kleefisch would definitely provide her with the much needed attention, especially during the race for the seat of the Lieutenant Governor. Taking into account the timing of the announcement, the move would lead to deeper political gains for the Republican.

Following the announcement of her previous condition, Ms. Kleefisch set out on a two-day road trip to campaign on the behalf of Scott Walker...

Despite the timing and her condition being a part of the campaign, Ms. Kleefisch has stated that her announcement was never politically motivated and that she just shared what she felt like sharing with the crew of 12 News.

Breaking: Johnson's Daughter's Heart Surgery Took Place In a Gov Hospital By a Gov Surgeon... Who is a FEINGOLD Supporter!!!

Ron Johnson has long-claimed that the reason he entered the U.S. Senate race was to protect the health care system that he felt was being ruined by the current health care bill, which he wrongly believes is a government take-over of our health care system.

Repeatedly Johnson has claimed that any government interferance with medicine would substantially decrease the quality of health care in the United States and has specifically said at nearly every campaign stop that his daughter's life likely would not have been saved if our nation's health care system had been plagued by goverment interferance.  

The Oshkosh Northwestern, however, is reporting today that Johnson had no problem going to a government hospital (the University of Minnesota Medical Center, UMMC) and a seeing life-long goverment doctor, Dr. John Foker when his daughter needed the best health care available:

Health care struck particularly close to home for Johnson based on an experience that happened only a few years after his family moved to Oshkosh in the late 1970s.

Johnson, Kleefisch, Walker: We've got ours, so screw you

There's a common theme among the Republicans at the top of the ticket in Wisconsin on the issue of health care.

Ron Johnson, Scott Walker, and Rebecca Kleefisch all agree that they have good health insurance plans --two of them paid for by taxpayers, the other by Johnson's company.

So why on earth would they give a damn if other people in Wisconsin are uninsured and can't get the same kind of treatment they are so happy about?

Johnson loves to tell the story of his daughter, born with a heart defect, who was able to get the best care from the best doctor he could find, thanks to his health insurance coverage from the business he runs.  Then he makes a giant leap and says he's running to repeal the federal health care bill, because -- hard to say, exactly, but he thinks the new law will lead to something worse and he won't be able to make his own decisions.  

As for the people who aren't lucky enough to have the kind of coverage he has?  Not his problem.  Let 'em eat cake.  Or dog food.  Who cares?

Rebecca Kleefisch, just treated for colon cancer on her husband's taxpayer-paid Cadillac plan (he's a state legislator; she's unemployed), wants to make sure nobody else gets coverage from the gov

Johnson Compares Embyonic Stem Cell Research to Homicide

Yesterday, AP reported that Ron Johnson said that he is not only morally opposed to embryonic stem cell research, but compared it to homicide:

My basic belief is you don't want to get in a situation where you're creating life though destroying it.

You heard that right:  In Johnson's view a microscopic embryo has the same value as an adult human being.  Or, put another way, if Johnson was holding a microscope slide with a microscopic embryo on it in one hand and was trying to save someone falling off a cliff with the other hand, he wouldn't drop the slide with the embryo to save the person falling off the cliff... because that would be "a situation where you're creating life through destroying it."  

Of course, Wisconsin is the world leader in embryonic stem cell research and shutting down such research would not only be a huge blow to scientific research, but also to the states economy:

Wisconsin would be more affected by the loss of federal funding than other states.

WPR's Ben Merens, When Caller Says Ron Johnson Didn't Start Pacur By Himself: "I'm Sorry, I Don't Know, I Can't Answer That"

In an open-call format, where listeners call in to hear Meren's guest comment on the week's news stories, a caller just called in and said that he was shocked to read online that Ron Johnson wasn't a self-made man and that Pacur was actually started by Johnson's wife's family-- pretty basic stuff that we all know.

Merens responded, "I'm sorry,  I don't know, I can't answer that" and then said that when they have Ron Johnson on the show, they will be sure to ask him about it.

Are you fricking kidding me?  This is Merens fricking job! How can Merens not know that Johnson didn't start his company?!? The election is only a month away!

It goes to show you the HUGE knowledge gap in this state about Johnson, not only among voters but among the media.

Johnson's Self-Described "Outdoorsman and an Environmentalist" Label Takes Another Hit, LCV Names Him To "Dirty Dozen"

First, Ron Johnson called himself an "outdoorsman and an avid fisherman,"  then OWN found out that was a crock:  Johnson hasn't had a fishing license in at least five years.

Then, Ron started talking about being a strong supporter of gun and hunters' rights, which was debunked when it was learned that Johnson support requiring hunters to license their guns, the same way they license their cars.

Now, the LCV is not only debunking the "environmentalist" label Johnson has used to describe himself, they have named him to their Hall of Shame, AKA "The Dirty Dozen."

Editor's note -- Watch the Video from LCV -

Flat Earthers: Climate Change Deniers

Most Pedophiles Johnson Should Have Dealt-With, Escaped Justiced and Still on the Loose

As has been reported earlier, Ron Jonson has served for many years as both a member of the Green Bay Finance Council, which has the ultimate authority under Canon law to deal with and settle sexual abuse law suits, and the Oshkosh Catholic Schools Board, which also has fielded its fair share of sex abuse lawsuits.

Both of these positions of responsability also carry with them an implied public trust that, among other things, if they were made aware of a child sexual predator in their midst, they wouldn't allow the sexual child predator to escape justice, remain on the streets, and put thousands more children at risk.

Back in 2002, the Appleton Post-Crescent's Steve Wideman did a great article documenting the tip of the iceberg of Green Bay Diocese's sex abuse scandal.  I say the tip of the iceberg, because most allegations / lawsuits of this nature are quietly settled out of court-- only a few make their way into the public eye.

A troubling aspect of this article is just how many of these sexual assaults occured in Oshkosh or in the Oshkosh Unified Catholic School System, and how many were thrown out on grounds that the statute of limitations had expired.

What's also shocking is that of the umpteen pred

Johnson Digging a Deeper, Wider Hole in Keeping-Pedophile-Priests-Secret Scandal

Ron Johnson is in serious BS mode.


First, he said that he wants the Green Bay Diocese to be "completly transparent." That's great, Ron, as a first step will you release all the sex abuse law suits you signed-off on as a member of the Finance Council?  Finance Council minutes would also be very... transparent.


Second, Johnson is saying that he opposed the Child Victims Bill, because he "didn't like the wording." That's like saying you didn't like the duck because it had feathers, a flat bill and quacked:  SB 319 is about as short and straight-forward as they come: 


An action to recover damages against any person for injury caused by an adult's sexual contact with anyone under the age of 18 by an act committed by an adult that would create a cause of action under s. 895.442 may be commenced at any time.



What Johnson means is that he literally didn't like any of the wording.


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