Scott Walker, champion of the mentally ill

Scott Walker's cynicism knows no bounds.

Walker, on the road to Damascus -- well, Madison, he hopes -- would have us believe he has seen the light on the need for better treatment of Milwaukee County's mentally ill.

First came a campaign commercial in which Walker tells the camera how much he cares.  "If just one person falls through the cracks, that's unacceptable to me," he says.

If that's the standard, you have to wonder how he's been able to sleep nights for the past eight years, as the mentally ill have been ignored, neglected and victimized on his watch.  Patients have starved to death, been raped by a security guard, and sexually assaulted.  Walker has defended the policies and administration of the facility, cut staffing, and opposed funding for increased security, as a commercial from the Greater Wisconsin PAC points out.

Now, fearing that his actual record might get in the way of his rhetoric and cost him the governorship, Walker the budget cutter announced he

Ron "Never Took a Subsidy" Johnson is Part-Owner in Gov-Subsidized PBS Program

Here we go again. 

Ron Johnson, the Tea Party candidate that frequently criticizes government subsidies and famously said he "never" took a government subsidy has once again been caught with his hand in the government cookie jar.

According to the bio section of LightTime, a PACUR subsidiary, Ron Johnson is a part-owner in the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) program "Hometime," which is a national show hosted by his brother, Dean Johnson.

PBS is a heavily government-subsidized nonprofit that was created by LBJ, when he signed the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967.  PBS gets 40% of their funding from local, state and federal tax dollars.  The majority of their funding comes from private donations, but these donations are tax-deductible and are also subsidized.

Journal Sentinel's PolitiFact Has a Clear GOP Bias

The Journal Sentinel's PolitiFact is a joke.

There is no rhyme or reason of when they will weigh in on an ad or a statement a politician makes and when they do, they clearly are showing a GOP bias in their analysis.

In a nutshell, a candidate can get one of six rulings on their politfactiness: pants on fire (the worst), false, barely true, half-true, mostly true, or true (the best).

PolitiFact has chosen to pull out the "pants on fire" ruling three times and all three times have been for Democrats.  (PolitiFact has never rated a comment their highest designation of "true," but they have twice designated ads as "mostly true"-- and both of those have gone to Republican candidates.)

None of the three alleged misstatments by Democrats deserve the "pants on fire" designation.  Let's take a look at them:

The first is a Feingold statment that he has has been outspent every time he ran for the Senate.  MJS quibbles with Feingold and says that he outspent Michels in 2004.  This is true if you only look post-primary, but Michels and his primary opponents spent millions hitting on Feingold before Michels won the primary, which is very close to the general election in Wisconsin.  Can you imagine only counting the money Ron Johnson spent against

On Fear: The Islam Edition, Or, Do You Know My Friend Wa’el?

We last got together about ten days ago, when I put up a story that hoped to explain to the Islamic world that, Qur’an burning aside, we don’t really hate either them, or our own Constitution.

I pointed out that, just like everywhere else, about 20% of our population are idiots, that this means about 60,000,000 of us might, at any time, be inclined to burst into fits of random stupidity, such as the desire to burn Qur’ans to make some sort of statement, and that the same First Amendment that protects the freedom of stupid speech also protects the rights of Islamic folks to freely build mosques…and finally, that this apparent “paradox of freedom” is exactly why the US is the kind of country that many Islamic folks the world over wish they lived in as well.

I then went off to enjoy my Godson’s wedding, and I ignored the posting until the next Monday.

On the two dozen sites where it could be found, this was apparently considered to be a fairly innocuous message…with one giant exception, which is what we’ll be talking about today.

Long story short, some portion of this country’s population has some bizarre ideas about Islamic folks…but maybe if they knew my friend Wa’el, they might see things a bit differently.

What, no election 'fraud'?

WITI-TV reports:

The Voter Fraud Hotline in Milwaukee County was staffed with police and prosecutors on Tuesday. They were ready to pounce on any voting irregularities.

But even as the phones rang throughout the day, the questions and issues being posed were considered easy to assess and handle.

Election officials say the day went extremely smoothly. The hotline was relatively quiet which indicated a smooth election.

Good thing we had that highly-touted Election Integrity Task Force or whatever Atty. Gen. JB Van Hollen keeps bragging on, with all sorts of cops and DAs across the state mobilized.

About 850,000 people voted. Did anyone get caught trying to vote twice, or in someone else's name, or while on probation? Even one? If so, we have not heard a word about it.

There is no widespread "voter fraud," as the right wing likes to claim, and what is used as the excuse for the kind of voter caging and suppression tactics exposed this week. It's always in the name of preventing "voter fraud" that they try to take away people's votes.

Remember that when the next wave of hysteria hits in late October.

Voter suppression plot very much alive

The State GOP, Tea Party and Americans for Prosperity have not yet learned the lesson that the more lies you tell, the worse it gets, at least if you keep getting caught.

Yesterday we were kind and called them "contradictions" as the various players in the plan to coordinate a massive voter suppression plan took turns changing their stories after finding out they didn't match.

Tim Dake, the Tea Party spokesman, has assured everyone there is no current plan or activity, and this was just a discussion last June that didn't go anywhere.

That sounded plausible until One Wisconsin Now (OWN), which uncovered the plot in the dfirst place, release an email sent by Dake to participants in that June meeting last Thursday

The documents included in Dake's email, which is available  here,

     --A non-disclosure agreement for voter suppression participants from the state GOP.

     -- An affidavit and instruction process for voter suppression activit

U. S. Senator Russ Feingold to Speak at Netroots Wisconsin

Netroots Wisconsin Logo
For Immediate Release
Contact Steve Hanson - [email protected], 715-598-9206

Senator Russ Feingold will speak during the Meet The Candidates section of Netroots Wisconsin 2010. U.S. Senator Feingold will join with other progressive candidates Tom Barrett, John Heckenlively, Scott Hassett, and Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz in speaking to Netroots Wisconsin.

Netroots Wisconsin is the Wisconsin regional conference of Netroots Nation.  Netroots Wisconsin 2010 is the first Wisconsin Netroots Nation conference, and the second regional conference in the U.S.  The conference is a gathering of bloggers, progressive activists, and others interested in furthering progressive causes using the Internet and New Media.

Netroots Wisconsin will take place Sept. 25, 2010 in the Madison Senior Center, 330 W. Mifflin St., Madison, WI. More information about the conference is available on the conference web site,

RoJo: A midterm GOP wet dream

Abe Sauer at The Awl, a NYC blog, on Ron Johnson:

From a GOP perspective, he is a midterm wet dream. Giving all the appearance of the throw-the-bums-out attitude of the zeitgeist, Johnson has nonetheless endorsed all the old bums' ideas about how to fix things. For health care Johnson says "Mitch Daniels has the solution," referring to the incumbent Indiana GOP Governor. On taxes, Johnson points to old-school GOP insider Ronald Reagan. Johnson has said that during Reagan's era, the top income rate of 28 percent meant "we were 72 percent free," which suggests Johnson may endorse a complete elimination of the income tax.

Hat tip: Illusory Tenant.

Ron Johnson was on the Board of Chamco: A Gov-Financed Group That Helps Businesses Get Gov Assistance

Ron Johnson has served on the Board of Direcgtors of the Oshkosh Industrial Development Corporation (Chamco), which according to their website is a "public/private partnership" that is :

...funded in part by the business community, the City of Oshkosh and Winnebago County...

According to their website, Chamco helps businesses get government grants:

The professional staff of Chamco Inc. has successfully helped area business apply for and secure over a million dollars in Customized Labor Training (CLT) grants. The CLT grant is a state program designed to assist companies that are investing in new technologies or manufacturing processes by providing a grant of up to 50% of the cost of training employees on the new technologies.  In addition to helping area businesses secure grants for employee training, Chamco will aid area business in securing Transportation Economic Assistance grants.


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