Ron Johnson sought stimulus money

This story from Ron Johnson's hometown paper, the Oshkosh Northwestern, tells itself. Can't wait for RoJo's "explanation" and "clarification" on this one, since the Feingold stimulus vote is a key component of his campaign:

Ron Johnson, the Republican Senate candidate who has been harshly critical of the Democrat-backed stimulus bill, sought stimulus funds for renovations to the Grand Opera House when he was president of the Grand’s board in March 2009.

In an e-mail obtained by the Northwestern, Johnson called Oshkosh Area Community Foundation CEO Eileen Connolly-Keesler to ask about the availability of stimulus dollars to help fund the $1.8 million repair project. Connolly-Keesler sent an e-mail to state Rep. Gordon Hintz, D-Oshkosh, to see what funds might be available for the project.

“I just got a call from Ron Johnson about the Grand and stimulus money,” Connolly-Keesler wrote in a March 25, 2009, e-mail. “I can’t imagine it will pay for non-profit buildings but I am willing to make some calls if you think it would work.”

Governor Doyle can remove sexual harasser DA

With Calumet County District Attorney Keneth Kratz refusing to resign following revelation of his sexually harrassing emails to a domestic violence victim whose case was in his office, it's time for Governor Doyle to step up and use his power under  of the State Constitution to remove Kratz from office.

Article 6 Section 4

 "The governor may remove any elected county officer
mentioned in this section except a county clerk,
treasurer, or surveyor,giving to the officer a copy of the charges
and an opportunity of being heard."

Call the Governor's Office at (608) 266-1212


If this doesn't work, there's Impeachment by the Assembly, and Removal after trial in the State Senate, a more cumbersome process as it would involve calling a special session of the Legislature.


Article 7, Section 1

The court for the trial of impeachments shall be composed of the senate. The assembly shall have the power of impeaching all civil officers of this state for corrupt conduct in office, or for crimes and misdemeanors; but a majority of all the members elected shall concur in an impeachment. On the trial of an impeachment against the governor, the lieutenant governor shall not act as a member of the court. No judicial officer shall exercise his office, after he shall have been impeached, until his acquittal. Before the trial of an impeachment the members of the court shall take an oath or affirmation truly and impartially to try the impeachment according to evidence; and no person shall be convicted without the concurrence of two−thirds of the members present. Judgment in cases of impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from office, or removal from office and disqualification to hold any office of honor, profit or trust under the state; but the party impeached shall be liable to indictment, trial and punishment according to law.

Ron Johnson is The World's Most Ungrateful Son-in-Law: Has Never once Acknowledged Billionaire Father-In-Law

Johnson's father-in-law, Harold Curler, was a genuine self-made industrialist.  He started the plastics company Curwood in the 50s and by the 70s he was leading one of the world's largest plastics companies, Bemis.  By the time he retired in the late 1990s, he was a billionaire and a titan in the plastics industry.

Sometime around 1972, his daughter Jane starts dating Ron Johnson, who she would marry five years later.  In 1979, Bemis was building a new plant in Oshkosh and Howard Curler gave a slice of the Bemis pie to his son (Patrick Curler) and Johnson, by creating and building PACUR, which would be a "captive supplier" of the new Bemis plant in Oshkosh and, in fact, would be located right accross the street.

As an aside, Howard Curler would also take care of the rest of his family.  His son, Jeff Curler, was CEO of a Bemis subsidiary and would take Howard Curler's spot at CEO of Bemis when he retired. Pat Curler and Johnson were set-up with PACUR.  Another Howard Curler daughter married Robert Krostue, who runs the Bemis-subsidary Perfecseal plant (which is a backyard neighbor to PACUR).  Another son, Mike Curler, was set-up at a company called Centracor, which was actually broken-off from PACUR in the mid-80s and made non-plastic products and was the part of the business that

The 60 Plus Association and Dan Kapanke - Or where does THIS money come from?

If you live in my part of the state you've seen the recent spate of ads attacking Ron Kind.  Ron Kind may not be exactly my sort of Democrat in some ways, but he's been in many ways a good reliable Democrat, and has had a very good record on a number of issues, including the environment.  And I don't think much of anyone sees him as anything but a straight shooter, even if they may disagree with him from time to time.

Except the 60 Plus Association, which has been funding these ads.  And almost identical ads against Steve Kagen over on the other side of the state.  Mind you, these ads are not much different than a lot of the ads we're seeing this season - "too liberal,  voting for health care reform, voting with Pelosi ".   You know, acting like a Democrat.  The shame!

Hurts-Kind WI03

The Feingold Cheddarbomb

[img_assist|nid=15748|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=203|height=300]The Cheddarsphere bloggers who supported Russ Feingold's Cheddarbomb yesterday had a pretty big success. Our ActBlue page has raised $10,221 and we have had 248 donors.  This of course is just part of the entire Feingold Cheddarbomb, which included money raised directly by the Feingold campaign and many other supporters, including Chuck Schumer (who outraised us) and Al Franken. 

The entire Cheddarbomb campaign raised over $435,000 from over 15,000 donors and the  Wisconsin bloggers were glad to do our part.  Most of yesterday our ActBlue page was the 4th most active page on ActBlue.

Good luck to Russ in the upcoming campaign, and again, we were just glad to be able to help.

Note that you can still contribute to Russ on our Cheddarbomb page, or just by filling in the widget on the right, where you can contribute to multiple different campaigns.

I'm also glad that in the process we raised some money for ActBlue.

Thank you to everyone who so generously contributed.  I'd also like to thank all of the Cheddarsphere bloggers who helped to make this a success, and DailyKOS, which helped us greatly with bringing in contributions from other parts of the country.  A post from Giles Goat Boy in particular brought in many contributions to Russ.

New Evidence Shows Johnson's PACUR was Created By His Father-In-Law as a Bemis Boondoggle

In the late 1970s, under the direction of Bemis CEO (and Ron Johnson father-in-law), Howard Curler, the multi-national, publicly-held, corporation was looking to open a new plastics plant in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  Here's how the Oshkosh Industrial Development Corporation (Chamco) explains it:

The 'brilliant' Johnson campaign

The managing editor of Ron Johnson's hometown paper, the Oshkosh Northwestern, thinks RoJo's bumbling Senate campaign has been "brillliant" so far.

Some of RoJo's homies disagree, like this commenter:

To this point, I think his campaign advisors have done a good job at keeping Ron Johnson away from the media after seeing how he either comes across as a liar or someone acting as an expert in areas he has no knowledge. As in the govenrment loan and global warming being caused by sunspots comments.

This is the only race I am voting for a Democrat.

Or this one:

One might spend a ton of money on a parrot and teach it to say, "tax cuts and career politician" but one would still be the proud owner of a parrot. Brilliant... not so much. Ronnie, want a plastic cracker?

Many more here.


Bye, bye Leader Decker?

The fallout from Tuesday's defeat of State Sen. Jeff Plale by County Sup. Chris Larson may stretch well beyond the 7th Senate District.

Steve Walters in a Journal Sentinel column:

Here's why the outcome of the Plale-vs.-Larson primary fight is worth watching: Plale has worked closely with Senate Majority Leader Russ Decker, who was elected leader by one vote three years ago. Without Plale's support, would Decker win re-election as leader - if Democrats keep control of the Senate in Nov. 2 general elections and if Decker is re-elected?

We can only hope that Larson's election will also change the direction of the Senate Dem caucus.  Plale could not and would not have killed the clean energy bill in the last session, for example, without Decker's blessing, cooperation, and perhaps even his direction.  Decker plays ball with the Tavern League, the gun lobby and road builders, and plays old school politics like his mentor, Chuck Chvala.  A change of leadership to a progressive, like State Sen. Mark Miller, perhaps, would let the Democrats act more like Democrats again.


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