Feingold Slaps Johnson Silly In Latest Debate

The only misstep in Monday night's debate is that it wasn't televised so all of Wisconsin could see Ron Johnson in all his sophmoric, sapheaded, schlubbity-schnooky splendor.

If you missed it, just put a clothes pin on you tongue, ask anyone to ask you question and right as you open your mouth to answer, have them hit you over the head with two bowling pins-- that would be a close facsimile of Ron Johnson's performance Monday night.

The format was actually a debate and the questions were great.

Johnson tried to stick to his moronic pull-string answers, but it became clear to everyone watching or listening that this was all Johnson had by the halfway point of the debate. 

One memorable (and loaded) question was aimed toward Johnson and went something along the lines of, "Isn't your favorite book, Atlas Shrugged, a rich person's fantasy that thinks of poor people as nothing more than parasites and isn't Ayn Rand's central premise selfishness?"

Ron Johnson Hits The Big Time

As the WI-SEN campaign enters its final three weeks and Ron Johnson's horrific first debate performance -- the first time many outside of Wisconsin have seen him speak -- begins to settle into the national consciousness, more and more of the national punditocracy and blogosphere is coming to the realization that he is as dangerous as any radical right-wing candidate in the nation running for office this year:

Chuck Todd tweets that Feingold should be sad he doesn't get to debate Johnson 5 more times.

Talking Points Memo rounds up some of the "darndest things" Johnson has said on the campaign trail this year so far.

Breaking: Ron Johnson Hired Pedophile Shortly After He Was Convicted of Sexually Assaulting a Child

According to court records, in early 1994 child predator Steven M. Sosinski had his wages garnished from his employer, which was listed at the time as Rexam Extrusions.  Rexam Extrusions was the name of Ron Johnson's company, Pacur, during the mid-nineties, but was changed back to Pacur in 1997. 

In June of 1993, Sosinski was convicted of felony sexual assualt of a child.  In September of 1993 Sosinski filed unemployment, but was hired by Rexam Extrusions / Pacur sometime in early 1994, according to court records. At the time of Sosinski's hiring, Ron Johnson was the general manager / president of Rexam Extrusions.

Several Employees at Johnson's Pacur Have Had Their Wages Garnished to Pay Medical Bills

According to court records, several employees at Pacur (previously named Rexam Extrusions) have had their wages garnished by Oshkosh area health care providers to pay medical bills.

Some examples:  One emplyoyee was sued for $3,542 by Appleton Medical Center in 2008, while another was sued by Mercy Medical Center for $2,591 back in 2002. 

Johnson has repeatedly said that he has a health care plan at Pacur where employees are offered a health savings account, pay their own medical bills out of the account, and get to keep any of the money left over

The MATC the newspaper ignores

Here's a short quiz, citizens.

What is Wisconsin's largest graduate school?

Where is Wisconsin's only adult high school?

What governmental unit consistently received the highest bond rating over the past decade?

What college in Milwaukee can boast of 98% of graduates staying to work in Wisconsin and 88% employed or furthering education within six months of graduation?

There's only one answer: Milwaukee Area Technical College.

You can't be blamed for flunking if you're a regular reader of the Journal Sentinel because apparently the only news worth covering about MATC is negative.

Read the rest of Charlie Dee's op ed piece here.

PolitiFarce fuels negative campaigns

It was inevitable that PolitiFarce, the Journal Sentinel's terribly tilted pretense at fact checking political statements, would end up as the centerpiece of those negative campaign commercials the newspaper sanctimoniously editorializes against in every election cycle.

The "PolitiFact" is anything but factual.  The word from the newsroom is that the outcome of the "checks" is predetermined by a committee, heavily influencded by the conservative Managing Editor George Stanley, before a reporter is assigned to write the interminable, boring piece that leads to the conclusion Stanley & Co.

Cheddarsphere Election Night Coverage

Time for another big Cheddarsphere experiment.  On Nov. 2 bloggers from across the Cheddarsphere will unite to cover the election returns, parties, and speeches.  I have no idea how this will all work out, but it should give everyone a chance to see the election unfold from a progressive blogger point of view.

More details will be forthcoming, but you will all have an opportunity to add your own comments, and perhaps even call in as the election goes on. If you'd like to be reminded to "tune in" you can put your email address in on the widget on the front page, and you'll get an email reminder with a link to the page.

If you are a WIsconsin blogger and would like to take part in the election night pool, please contact us.

Ron Johnson Caught in Yet Another Lie: Has Repeatedly Said "My Employees Have the Same, Exact Health Care Plan as I Do"

Ron Johnson's nose just got a lot longer. 

Johnson has repeatedly said that his employees at Pacur "have the exact same health care plan as I do," but AP and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal are reporting that this is not true by a long shot:  Many of his employees are inmates on a work release program and on the state of Wisconsin's insurance plan, which is paid-for by tax payers.

Boy, that tea party guy that said all he wants is "for government to leave us alone" and railed against "welfare" and the "culture of entitlement" in his convention speech, sure does lead a secret  life!  

I'm splitting my ticket Nov. 2

It's come to this: Things have gotten so bad that a Yellow Dog Democrat like me is going to vote for a Republican this year.

No, the Tea Party hasn't won me over. Neither has clueless Ron Johnson, although I am for "freedom," whatever that means.

It's the Milwaukee County sheriff's race, where the conservative, Tea Party-talking, Republican in all but name, David Clarke, somehow is running as a Democrat.

I wasn't even sure he had a general election opponent, after squeaking through the "Democratic" primary, but it turns out he is being challenged by a 17-year veteran of the Milwaukee Police Dept., Steven Duckhorn.

The Journal Sentinel reported in a Saturday story that readers will little note nor long remember that:

Duckhorn's platform is close to that of Chris Moews, the Democratic candidate Clarke beat in the September primary.

Duckhorn faults Clarke for a top-down management style that he says is disrespectful of his deputies.

Format and Questions-Asked Made Johnson-Feingold Bout Less of a Debate and More of a Candidate Forum

Typically a two-person debate with panelists asking questions has a rotating format of each question going to Candidate A, Candidate B, Candidate A, Candidate B. Or, a shortened version is Candidate A, Candidate B, Candidate A, with each candidate getting equal numbers of double-responses. 

Last night's "debate" between Johnson and Feingold had a ridiculous format that was more like a candidate forum, where both candidates simply answered the same question.  This enabled pull-string-response Johnson to simply turn to whatever issue was at hand, pull the string, and recite one of his canned nine answers that most closely resembled the question asked.

Which brings me to my second point-- the "debate" might have been better if the questions weren't so ridiculously basic and vague.  Most of these questions allowed pull-string-Johnson to simply plug in his vague, talk radio talking points that we've all heard a thousand times.  Feingold tried to smoke him out by saying that he wasn't answering the question or he wasn't being specific, but it was simply onto the next question.

However even with a non-debate format and pretty lame questions, Feingold clearly won the debate. 


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