Best moment in gov debate

Tom Barrett telling Scott Walker that Jim Doyle isn't running, and if Walker wanted to run against Doyle he should have done it four years ago, instead of dropping out at the behest of the Republican party bosses.

There's only one person here who's run against Jim Doyle, Barrett said (I'm paraphrasing), and I ran against him eight years ago because I thought I could do a better job.  The party bosses tried to get me to quit, too, but I had the courage of my convictions.

Unlike you, Scott Wanker, you weenie.  (That's a paraphrase,  too.)

Kleefisch: "My qualifications for a governor are that they are a Christian man"

Ladies and non-Christians need not apply.  I guess Republican (and Jewish) WI Governor Ed Salomon wouldn't have gotten Kleefisch's approval. This gem comes at about the :25 second mark.  Thanks to Blogging Blue for originally posting!



Rebecca Kleefisch - 2010-07-14 - part 5

Johnson "Supports Nondiscrimination" *

* But only if the military says its ok to support nondiscrimination, then he's for discrimination:

Johnson says he supports nondiscrimination but he would like to see a military report on how its repeal would affect operations, including morale. He says if it's conclusion is to get rid of it and "it was convincing" he would vote to repeal it.

Imagine if President Truman had the same wimpy perspective when he demanded integration in the military or, Vince Lombardi, when he stomped-out intolerance of not only Blacks but also gays in the NFL.



Journal Sentinel gets it wrong on MATC

Sometimes, if you just procrastinate a little, things take care of themselves.

I was intending to comment on the Journal Sentinel's latest salvo against people who work for the public, this time Milwaukee Area Technical College faculty and staff.

But I delayed just long enough for two MATC faculty members, Mike Rosen of Economics and Charlie Dee, of English and History, to weigh in. They are president and executive VP, respectively, of American Federation of Teachers Local 212, which represents MATC faculty and professional staff.  They know a little more about it than I do, so here we go:


Thousands of Milwaukeeans have lost their jobs during the recession. So what is the response by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel? Attack Milwaukee Area Technical College, the one institution that provides job re-training and upgrading of skills to those laid-off workers!

The Public Policy Forum (PPF) recently released a report on MATC’s fiscal condition.

Walker stonewalls on mental health mess

Scott Walker is so afraid that the truth about Milwaukee County's mental health center will ruin his run for governor that his people are even hiding information from the county's own auditor.

Highlights from the Journal Sentinel story:

Lawyers for Milwaukee County have refused to turn over a 2008 consultant's report on safety issues at the Mental Health Complex - the first time in 30 years that county officials have stonewalled a county auditor investigation, the current auditor said Thursday...

The decision to withhold the consultant report was made by Timothy Schoewe, the county's acting corporation counsel, and Mark Cameli, a private lawyer hired by the county in 2007 during a criminal investigation of the August 2006 death of Cindy Anczak. She died from complications of starvation shortly after her discharge from the Mental Health Complex...

Cameli didn't respond to messages Thursday. He's been paid at least $239,000 under a contract with the county that pays him $395 an hour and authorized his help on the criminal probe in the Anczak death.

Unbelievable: Johnson Campaign claiming that they never implied "Social Security Administration was a fraud"


Do I really have to say why anything that is compared to a "Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme" would be taken by any reasonable person as being synonomous with "fraud"? 

OK, I'll humor the Johnson campaign for the umpteenth time.  According to the FBI, a Ponzi scheme is defined as a" fraud":

A Ponzi scheme is essentially an investment fraud wherein the operator promises high financial returns or dividends that are not available through traditional investments.

And we have a similar "fraud" definition at the SEC:

A Ponzi scheme is an investment fraud that involves the payment of purported returns to existing investors from funds contributed by new investors.

In addition, Johnson not only used the term "Ponzi Scheme," but compared it to a Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme. &

Scott Walker, champion of the mentally ill

Scott Walker's cynicism knows no bounds.

Walker, on the road to Damascus -- well, Madison, he hopes -- would have us believe he has seen the light on the need for better treatment of Milwaukee County's mentally ill.

First came a campaign commercial in which Walker tells the camera how much he cares.  "If just one person falls through the cracks, that's unacceptable to me," he says.

If that's the standard, you have to wonder how he's been able to sleep nights for the past eight years, as the mentally ill have been ignored, neglected and victimized on his watch.  Patients have starved to death, been raped by a security guard, and sexually assaulted.  Walker has defended the policies and administration of the facility, cut staffing, and opposed funding for increased security, as a commercial from the Greater Wisconsin PAC points out.

Now, fearing that his actual record might get in the way of his rhetoric and cost him the governorship, Walker the budget cutter announced he

Ron "Never Took a Subsidy" Johnson is Part-Owner in Gov-Subsidized PBS Program

Here we go again. 

Ron Johnson, the Tea Party candidate that frequently criticizes government subsidies and famously said he "never" took a government subsidy has once again been caught with his hand in the government cookie jar.

According to the bio section of LightTime, a PACUR subsidiary, Ron Johnson is a part-owner in the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) program "Hometime," which is a national show hosted by his brother, Dean Johnson.

PBS is a heavily government-subsidized nonprofit that was created by LBJ, when he signed the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967.  PBS gets 40% of their funding from local, state and federal tax dollars.  The majority of their funding comes from private donations, but these donations are tax-deductible and are also subsidized.

Journal Sentinel's PolitiFact Has a Clear GOP Bias

The Journal Sentinel's PolitiFact is a joke.

There is no rhyme or reason of when they will weigh in on an ad or a statement a politician makes and when they do, they clearly are showing a GOP bias in their analysis.

In a nutshell, a candidate can get one of six rulings on their politfactiness: pants on fire (the worst), false, barely true, half-true, mostly true, or true (the best).

PolitiFact has chosen to pull out the "pants on fire" ruling three times and all three times have been for Democrats.  (PolitiFact has never rated a comment their highest designation of "true," but they have twice designated ads as "mostly true"-- and both of those have gone to Republican candidates.)

None of the three alleged misstatments by Democrats deserve the "pants on fire" designation.  Let's take a look at them:

The first is a Feingold statment that he has has been outspent every time he ran for the Senate.  MJS quibbles with Feingold and says that he outspent Michels in 2004.  This is true if you only look post-primary, but Michels and his primary opponents spent millions hitting on Feingold before Michels won the primary, which is very close to the general election in Wisconsin.  Can you imagine only counting the money Ron Johnson spent against


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