Gov. Doyle's Defense of Defense Spending

Though he's not running for re-election, Wisconsin Gov.  Jim Doyle felt it necessary to defend his recent decision to offer shipbuilder Marinette Marine about $50 million in tax incentives should it win a big Navy contract to build combat ships. Doyle's op-ed appears today in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

In recent days, Gov. Doyle, a Democrat with little to lose, has made some rather unenlightened, un-progressive moves. Vetoing bills to allow small dairies to sell unpasteurized milk and to require state buildings to adopt green building standards while not vetoing a bill that allows the turning of garbage into power to count as the state's share of "renewable" energy.

NRA disarms members at its own meeting

Sign at the National Rifle Assn. convention in Charlotte, where NRA members say they don't mind the restrictions.

Meanwhile, the Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort (WAVE) reports:

Supporters of the open carry movement claim that we'll all be safer if more people carry guns in public.  Really?  Let's take a look at just who will be "defending" us...

Public Gun Carrier #1
- Jesus Gonzalez - Mr.

How does Neumann like the Johnson-Walker ticket?

He didn't know at the time he was going to run for US Senate, because he hadn't yet heard Dick Morris recruiting rich guys in Wisconin. But Ron Johnson -- the outsider who says we've had enough of professional politicians -- wrote a $10,000 check -- the max -- to professional pol Scott Walker's campaign for governor last year.

Maybe he can use up his 2010 legal limit by giving 10 grand to Neumann, if he wants any Neumann supporters in his corner.

Some Government Funding of Healthy Jobs

Wisconsin is giving $45 million in bond money it recently received from the federal government to a maker of wind-turbine blades  to help it set up a factory in Wisconsin Rapids, reports Thomas Content of the Journal Sentinel. The new wind power factory could create about 600 non-polluting, non-violent jobs, a welcome and refreshing use of state and federal money. Energy Composites, which makes, among other things, sulfur dioxide scrubbers for coal-fired power plants, is a smaller, local corporation now employing 67 people.

New Report: The Price of Wisconsin's Imported Coal

The Union of Concerned Scientists issued a new report yesterday on just how dependent Wisconsin and many other states are on imported coal.

As a state, we pay $853 million annually, and that does not include the amount for the coal to fuel WE Energies' new Oak Creek coal plants. WE Energies spent $313 million for coal in 2008, the most of any utility in the state.

Wisconsin ranks 5th for the amount of coal we use as a percentage of our power: 68%.

The money leaves, while much of the pollution hangs around in our air and water.

The scientists suggest we spend our money on reducing our electricity use by at least 1% per year. The best states have learned to conserve 2% annually. We can also increase our meager clean power percentage goals.

Gloves coming off in GOP gov bout

Mark Neumann to Scott Walker: You're campaigning on the taxpayers' time.

Walker to Neumann: So's your old lady!

The Republican 11th Commandment has been repealed. Both sides are opening up their opposition research books very early in this long campaign to the September primary.

Now all we need is for them to quit sending press releases and take it to the airwaves.

Will Coburn put a hold on Neumann endorsement?

Mark Neumann and Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn are "ideologically speaking, two peas in a pod," Neumann's campaign manager said when Coburn endorsed his boss.

So, any day now, we can expect Neumann to say he opposes a supplemental spending bill that includes $33.5 billion to escalate war in Afghanistan, unless Congress comes up with the money to pay for it. That's what Coburn's saying, according to activist David Swanson's report: 

On May 10th Senator Coburn wrote to his colleagues asking for their support for an amendment that would offset the new spending in this bill with cuts elsewhere...

Walker 'personal time' = Dialing for dollars

Mark Neumann scores again, revealing that his primary opponent, Scott Walker, is scheduled for "personal time" an average of 17 hours a week on his official Milwaukee County schedule. Best line in the release:

"Scott Walker is earning a six-figure salary to serve as county executive while actually working part-time hours as he runs around the state campaigning for Governor,” Neumann for Governor Campaign Manager Chip Englander said. “In Walker’s quest to move up the career politician ladder, the taxpayers of Milwaukee County are left holding the brown bag. At these hours he doesn’t even need to pack a lunch.

The Journal Sentinel, as usual, handles Walker with kid gloves and gives him more space for his response than Neumann gets for his claim.


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