Ever-Changing VoterID implementation leaves potential voters out in the cold

Update -- On Friday federal district court Judge James Peterson demanded the state investigate the DMV's implementation of Voter ID and the ID process. The state must produce a report by Oct. 7.  At the same time the state ACLU filed a motion in the 7th District Court alleging that the state is not giving ID's to people who request them. This is a lot of litigation and expense to solve a problem that does not exist.

I try to keep track of these things - but if you were to ask me exactly what the status is of getting an ID to vote in Wisconsin if you cannot come up with, for example, a birth certificate, I'd have trouble remembering what today's story is. The state has been scrambling to find some sort of way to more-or-less conform to court rulings on voter ID while still managing to in practice make it hard to get those ID's.

According to a new story in The Nation, it sounds like they are succeeding admirably as people try to continue to go through the voter ID hoops, only to find that apparently nobody at the DMV offices actually understands the current rules, and even if they do understand the rules they are not very good at carrying them out.

Legal experts say they’re extremely troubled by the state’s continued failure to fairly enforce the voter-ID law. “Wisconsin has promised the court that voters would be able to get an ID with whatever documents they have,” says Sean Young of the ACLU. “They’ve completely failed to live up to that promise.”

Assembly Race in Northeastern Wisc Is Eye of Water Wars

Nancy and Lynn Utesch

A banking executive serving as Chair and CEO of a publicly traded bank in northeastern Wisconsin may have joined forces with a Big Ag polluters' front-group.

Robert B. Atwell, the founder of the Green Bay-based Nicolet National Bank (publicly traded as Nicolet Bank Shares Inc.), used to give a community lecture entitled "Water, Money and Community," intended to stimulate solutions for a region heavily polluted by industrialized agriculture.

Now, northeastern Wisconsin residents are wondering if the banker Atwell is working with the industry-derived Big Ag PR initiative, Peninsula Pride, as a closely watched area state assembly race accelerates.

The race features Big Ag's State Rep. Joel Kitchens (R-Sturgeon Bay) against Lynn Utesch, a farmer and clean water activist living in Kewaunee County.

Audit to Investigate King Veterans Home

Kathleen Vinehout
Audit to Investigate King Veterans Home
Senator Kathleen Vinehout
“There used to be a real nice coffee shop. But they turned it into vending machines,” David Wedde told the Joint Committee on Audit.
To many it might seem like an insignificant thing but it was not just a coffee shop. It was a symbol of comradery at the Veterans Home in King. Everyday veterans gathered in the shop to trade stories. Now impersonal machines have replaced the shop – a victim of budget cuts.
Tim Michael added, “Shouldn’t be so hard to get treatment for PTSD. Why do we have a surplus when we need these things?”

Walker threatens to cut off all our noses to spite the court's face

Scott Walker

So - the never-ending political circus in Wisconsin continues. If you've been following from home, the US Supreme court will soon consider whether they will hear a case to re-open the John Doe investigation in Wisconsin.  Call it John Doe III. Yup, worse than the Rocky films.  The point of contention here basically is that the state Supreme Court had a conflict of interest when ruling to shut down the John Doe because several of the court justices had received donations from groups with an interest in the outcome.

The recent cache of documents from the investigation that was released by The Guardian has made this more interesting, since it's now a lot clearer that the suspected coordination between the Walker administration and the Wisconsin Club for Growth was much more real than imagined, and possibly included some extra pay-for-play that nobody seems to have been aware of. But hey, it just involved kids and lead poisoning, so - what the hey.

But in a particularly bizarre turn of events, the Governor has apparently decided that rather than just lie low and wait for the outcome, he was going to start throwing his weight around. Walker is adopting a "there's nothing to see here, and if you look I'm going to cause you a world of hurt" attitude.

Dunn County CAFO Meeting


Saturday, September 24, 2016 - 10:30am
Cafo Meeting

Please join the Citizen Action Western Wisconsin Organizing Co-op for a meeting to organize agains the over-7000 head dairy CAFO in Dunn County. Organizer  Jeff Smith will be there to tell you ways you can organize to stop the development of this CAFO.  While you're there please consider joining the Western Wisconsin Organizing Co-op.

Bill Iwen Tips Hat to Water Warrior, Lynn Utesch

Lynn Utesch

William Iwen is a retired dentist living in Algoma in northeastern Wisconsin.

Iwen penned a letter endorsing water warrior, Lynn Utesch, candidate for the First assembly district.

Utesch is running against a pretender, a front-man for the polluters.

From the Capital Times:

The CAFO industry relies on free water from our aquifers and when millions of gallons of aquifer water is polluted with animal waste and unknown, unmeasured, undisclosed chemicals, hormones and antibiotic residuals, this dangerous waste is dumped back on karst countryside.

Lynn Utesch, who is running to represent District 1 in the Wisconsin Assembly, is a small organic farmer who does not need high-capacity wells or monocultures of chemical-dependent GMO corn, soy and alfalfa. He does believe in job creation for young people yearning to get back to the land as sustainable farmers on the land they love.

How to Fund Roads: A Balancing Act

Kathleen Vinehout

How to Fund Roads: A Balancing Act

       By Senator Kathleen Vinehout


Funding roads is an important job for state leaders. Nine cents of every state budget dollar goes towards transportation. In the vagaries of Wisconsin state budgeting, this includes dollars the feds send Wisconsin (about forty cents of every road dollar comes from Uncle Sam).

A prudent fiscal manager must balance several factors to make wise transportation decisions. He or she must maintain our current investments, plan for future growth, pay scrupulous attention to efficiencies and quality construction, and reconcile spending with revenue.

In short, a prudent transportation budget is a balancing act.

Republican Labor Platform of Sixty Years Ago

If you really want to know how corupted the Republican party has become over the past sixty years, take the time to read the Republican Platform from 1956 as Eisenhower was running for a second term.  This is the America I grew up in.  This isn't the America Trump and the Republicans want now.  "Make America Great Again?"  How about including the 1956 labor plank in the the 2016 party platform.

Here is the Labor Platform of the Republican Party in 1956...read it and weep!

Scott Walker John Doe: Corporate Checks Fueled Coordinated Campaign - Center for Media and Democracy

Press release from CMD

Documents released by the Guardian indicate that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker may have solicited and received corporate checks for the 2011 Senate recall fight and his own 2012 recall election.

The checks--cut from corporate treasuries, not granted by individuals--were deposited into the account of the dark money group Wisconsin Club for Growth, which prosecutors viewed as a "subcommittee" of Walker's campaign in violation of the statutes (11.10 (04)) as they were written at the time. 


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