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Sorry, Charlie

Today, for some reason I have not fathomed, Charlie Sykes was allowed column inches in the New York Times)I would offer a link but he has had enough attention, but we will dissect it).  Sykes is on a "mea culpa" tour where he is trying to rewrite history, where he does not play a part. 

Senator Baldwin Smacks Down Scott Walker

Jake Weighs In:

US Sen. Tammy Baldwin announced her opposition this week to Donald Trump’s nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, based on Gursuch’s dislike of reproductive rights and preference for corporate power over the power of the individual.

What followed is what happens when a mediocre white male college dropout tried to get into a battle of wits with Baldwin, a graduate of UW Law School.

Green Bay Progressive - Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Should Resign or Be Removed

State legislators call for Clarke's removal in a public letter Wednesday. The Milwaukee County Jail, under the Sheriff's supervision has experienced four recent deaths resulting from a lack of intake screening for substance abuse and mental illness.