Walker wants to put us into the "let's move to a different state" world

Scott Walker

No shocking surprise here, but governor Walker says he is willing to consider getting an exemption for Wisconsin to opt out of crucial portions of the ACA if in fact those waivers make it through the Senate.  So - you want good health insurance?  Move to a state that supports it.

Remember - this exemption not only applies to the people who are on Obamacare currently but also applies to the folks who have insurance through their employer. This means that a cheapskate employer could fix it for their employees so they would have crappy low-cost insurance as well. 

As always, if there is a race to the bottom, Scott Walker wants to get a jersey and participate.

TrumpCare Republicans know more than Medical Providers, Doctors, Hospital CEO's and Insurers!!!

Why didn't Democrats toss off tea party protesters as paid off lackey's of the Koch brothers who opposed the Affordable Care Act? 
Why didn't Democrats brush off complaints about climate change as the last gasps of industry special interests willing to say anything? 
Democrats never denounce anything or predict failure and disaster over pending Republican legislation. It actually gives everyone the impression Republicans have a legitimate argument to make.

Healthcare Rally in Eau Claire

healthcare rally eau claire

More than 200 attended the health care rally this afternoon in Eau Claire. The rally was organized by the Citizen Action Organizing Co-op of Western Wisconsin. Several people spoke on behalf of maintaining the ACA or an equivalent, including Rep. Dana Wachs. The crowd was spirited and strongly in support of strengthening the ACA rather than eliminating it. This rally was one of many across the nation today in support of affordable and accessible health care for all.

Sabotage by Health Care Industry & Conservative Politicians True Cause of Rising Health Premiums

For Immediate Release--October 11, 2016

Contact(s): Robert Kraig (414) 322-5324 [email protected]         

Kevin Kane (414) 550-8280 [email protected]

Web Link to News Release

Sabotage by Health Care Industry & Conservative Politicians True Cause of Rising Health Premiums

Blaming ObamaCare is a political gambit, not health policy

A robust public option and controlling prescription drug costs essential

Statewide: The 2017 health insurance premium rates released by the Walker Administration present an incomplete picture.

While the release of rates by the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance is a step forward from last year, when Wisconsin was the only state not to release premium prices in advance, the agency’s press release is silent on the causes of health insurance inflation. This silence has muddled this critical public policy question and left the door open to misleading explanations that won’t help us make health care more affordable.

My Obamacare story - in brief

I feel I really need to say something about this, even though it is by and large a private matter.  I have for several years been on the state-run HIRSP insurance program because I have a chronic (not serious, but chronic) health problem, and have been uninsurable through a private policy.  Since I'm self-employed, I need to insure myself. The HIRSP plan was a godsend for me, since it allowed me to have health insurance and allowed me to have a premium that I could (just barely) afford.  So I was, understandably, a little nervous when HIRSP was dropped at the beginning of the year, in lieu of having us all sign up on the health care exchange.  Change is always a little frightening.

I'll admit it.  Signing up on the health care exchange was at first a nightmare.  It was every bit as bad as everyone was saying, and I finally gave up, figuring it had to get better after a while (even though since it was clearly my only choice, I really wanted to know what was going to happen to my insurance.

Health Insurance: Big Changes Happening

“What am I going to do about health insurance?” the woman at the picnic recently asked me. She had no health insurance and had several health problems.

In the next several weeks big changes are happening related to health insurance. Open enrollment will begin October 1st for a new competitive Health Insurance Marketplace for small businesses and those who buy insurance on their own. Health plans will go into effect in January 2014.

Those who have insurance through HIRSP, the states high risk pool, will be required to transition to private coverage through the Marketplace. 

The recently passed state budget made changes to the states BadgerCare program.  Under those changes parents, currently covered by BadgerCare that make over $15,500 for a couple, will receive a letter soon telling them they will lose coverage through the state and must sign up for a private plan through the Marketplace.

Supreme Court's health reform law affirmation = epic Walker fail

Not Spider-Man -- Scotty-Man!

Scott Walker's big health care gamble failed, so now he'll double-down on that bad bet, as is his usual custom.

When the US Supreme Court today affirmed the constitutional validity of the ACA or Affordable Care Act  ("Obamacare," to reactionary cretins), Walker's gambit of stalling on reform mandates while risking the health of tens of thousands of Wisconsin residents turned out to be the wrong choice.

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