Thank you Wisconsin for the beautiful gift

Kathleen Vinehout

“Friends in the Wisconsin Legislature, we beg you: Sign that bad deal with Foxconn,” recently wrote the Chicago Sun Times editorial board. “It’s the neighborly thing to do.”

The Wisconsin Assembly obliged the Chicago newspaper and recently voted 50-39 to approve the Governor’s deal with the Taiwanese company, Foxconn.

But lawmakers were not voting on the deal itself. Contract negotiations are presumably underway. Legislators who voted on the deal did not see the contract, they do not know the details under negotiation, nor will they approve the final negotiated contract.

An Estimated One Billion Dollars Will Be Spent on Foxconn Jobs... for Illinoians

It's very simple math.

Approximately one-third of Foxconn jobs will be filled by people living in Illinois, which means that one-third of the whopping three billion that Wisconsin taxpayers will be spending will be going toward Illinois residents:  One billion.

It also means that every dime Illinois Foxconn workers earn will be spent and taxed in Illinois-- not Wisconsin.

Therefore, if we give Foxconn the benefit of the doubt and assume that all 13,000 jobs will be filled, that's 4,333 jobs for Illinois without spending a dime.

Former Wisconsin AG Lautenschlager Rips State's "Do Nothing" Environmental Policies

Lautenschlager Rips State For "Do Nothing" Water Policies

Former Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager blasts Wisconsin officials for their "do nothing" policy in the wake of Indiana's permission to British Petroleum allowing its Whiting, IN refinery to increase polluted dumping into Lake Michigan.

Lautenschlager is right about Wisconsin's curious and disappointing silence - - something I had noted on this blog almost two weeks ago.

And Lautenschlager mentions the rush to push Lake Michigan water to some Waukesha County suburbs.

The Protest Against British Petroleum's Permitted Pollution Of Lake Michigan Goes National - - Except in Wisconsin.

The Congress, big city Mayors and tens of thousands of citizens are protesting Indiana's decision to allow tons more pollution daily to Lake Michigan at the British Petroleum refinery.

But Wisconsin officials, so far, have said nothing.

Could it be that it's Indiana's price for assenting to the request of the Wisconsin DNR for a Lake Michigan diversion to New Berlin - - before Indiana and most other Great Lakes states have yet to formally ratify the pending Great Lakes Compact?

Speculation and issues discussion, here.

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