An Estimated One Billion Dollars Will Be Spent on Foxconn Jobs... for Illinoians

It's very simple math.

Approximately one-third of Foxconn jobs will be filled by people living in Illinois, which means that one-third of the whopping three billion that Wisconsin taxpayers will be spending will be going toward Illinois residents:  One billion.

It also means that every dime Illinois Foxconn workers earn will be spent and taxed in Illinois-- not Wisconsin.

Therefore, if we give Foxconn the benefit of the doubt and assume that all 13,000 jobs will be filled, that's 4,333 jobs for Illinois without spending a dime.

Should Tax Dollars Go to Companies Just to “Create Jobs”?

Kathleen Vinehout
Should Tax Dollars Go to Companies Just to “Create Jobs”?
Senator Kathleen Vinehout
Imagine how private firms do business with the State of Wisconsin. The companies provide something of value for taxpayers and, in return, receive state money.
This happens all the time in state government: private companies build roads, computer systems, pay Medicaid bills, and even educate children.
What if the sole reason tax dollars went to a company was to create jobs?

Chris Walker: Scott Walker jabs Obama on Twitter, but who's really winning on job growth?

On Thursday the staff that manages Scott Walker’s Twitter account released a statistic meant to poke fun at President Barack Obama’s jobs record. 

Obama was visiting La Crosse to tout his plan to increase the number of Americans eligible for “time and a half” overtime pay. 

Ron Johnson: Skills gap? Nah... it's a "willingness to work gap"

It's the classic chicken and the egg question:  Did Wisconsin's job crisis come from lack of good jobs or is the problem that there simply aren't enough qualified people to fill the jobs?

Governor Scott Walker says "there are plenty of jobs," but suggests that most job applicants are hopped-up on drugs-- a dream job is within their grasp, only to lose it when they fail the drug test.  

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson chimed in last week and downplayed the notion of a skills gap, saying the problem was that people would rather sit home and collect unemployment: "I think its more of a willingness to work gap." (see below)

Latest "Gold Standard" Jobs Report Out... And... Drum Roll Please... Wisconsin Still Last

In May, 2012, when his monthly jobs numbers were lagging, Walker referred to the "Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages" (the QCEW) as the "gold standard of jobs measurement."

Today, the lastest QCEW jobs report is out and, once again, it shows that since Scott Walker took office in 2011, Wisconsin is dead last in the midwest in job growth and 35th out of all states.

Even more disappointing is that during the past year, while neighbor Michigan led the entire country in manufacturing job growth, Wisconsin was ranked a pathetic 35th in that category, as well. 

Walker, The Facilitator of Unfair Trade Deals, is Responsible for WI's Huge Outsourcing Problem

As any of my regular readers can attest, I've routinely taken both Governor Scott Walker and gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke to task on the issue of outsourcing jobs.  Since China is the major player in Wisconsin's outsourcing woes, I've focused on our dysfunctional relationship with it.

Walker has repeatedly facilitated Wisconsin's exploding trade deficit with China, not only by actively lobbying for unfair trade deals, but even going on Chinese state television, wearing a Chinese flag and describing Wisconsin's trade with with China as "good and fair."  And I've criticized Burke's Trek for outsourcing most of their manufacturing jobs to China. 

There's a key difference, however, between Burke and Walker. Walker facilitates the policy (unfair trade deals) that lead companies (like Trek) to outsourcing jobs to China, while Burke actually opposes such policies and has pledged to do everything she can as Governor to oppose policies that encourage outsourcing.  Indeed, if the trade deals that Walker facilitates hadn't been in place, Trek would have never had the opportunity to outsource jobs. 


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