Walker wants to put us into the "let's move to a different state" world

Scott Walker

No shocking surprise here, but governor Walker says he is willing to consider getting an exemption for Wisconsin to opt out of crucial portions of the ACA if in fact those waivers make it through the Senate.  So - you want good health insurance?  Move to a state that supports it.

Remember - this exemption not only applies to the people who are on Obamacare currently but also applies to the folks who have insurance through their employer. This means that a cheapskate employer could fix it for their employees so they would have crappy low-cost insurance as well. 

As always, if there is a race to the bottom, Scott Walker wants to get a jersey and participate.

Paul Ryan - Granny Killer

Paul Ryan

In the new age of Trump politics, you can count on a lot of alternate truth. Much of it comes from the "Wisconsin Miracle" wrought by our governor and the likes of Paul Ryan. We are about to find out if we are going to take the somewhat flawed Obamacare and replace it with the totally nonfunctional Trumpcare. If this happens we by and large have Paul Ryan to blame. 

Where to start? The last time I saw the bill it appeared that the projections of taking 24 million people off of health insurance had prompted Ryan and his cohorts to declare "Only 24 million?  We can do better than that. Hold my beer." Attempts to placate the far-right wing of the GOP have resulted in plans to even more severely cut back on Medicaid. The supposed plan to help out seniors from the huge increases in health care costs they will somehow have to survive has amounted to throwing in an inadequate amount of funding, and throwing the whole mess over the wall for the Senate to figure out. 

In the long term of course the whole problem with this bill is that it is unsustainable. By throwing out mandatory insurance, the plan suffers from not forcing young and healthy adults to buy in to the system, therefore making the entire system unstable. Republicans have long warned about an impending "death spiral" from Obamacare. The replacement bill almost guarantees that the death spiral will happen. 

Healthcare Rally in Eau Claire

healthcare rally eau claire

More than 200 attended the health care rally this afternoon in Eau Claire. The rally was organized by the Citizen Action Organizing Co-op of Western Wisconsin. Several people spoke on behalf of maintaining the ACA or an equivalent, including Rep. Dana Wachs. The crowd was spirited and strongly in support of strengthening the ACA rather than eliminating it. This rally was one of many across the nation today in support of affordable and accessible health care for all.

Sabotage by Health Care Industry & Conservative Politicians True Cause of Rising Health Premiums

For Immediate Release--October 11, 2016

Contact(s): Robert Kraig (414) 322-5324 [email protected]         

Kevin Kane (414) 550-8280 [email protected]

Web Link to News Release

Sabotage by Health Care Industry & Conservative Politicians True Cause of Rising Health Premiums

Blaming ObamaCare is a political gambit, not health policy

A robust public option and controlling prescription drug costs essential

Statewide: The 2017 health insurance premium rates released by the Walker Administration present an incomplete picture.

While the release of rates by the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance is a step forward from last year, when Wisconsin was the only state not to release premium prices in advance, the agency’s press release is silent on the causes of health insurance inflation. This silence has muddled this critical public policy question and left the door open to misleading explanations that won’t help us make health care more affordable.

State Health Marketplace Needed to Protect Wisconsinites

Kathleen Vinehout
State Health Marketplace Needed to Protect Wisconsinites
Senator Kathleen Vinehout
“Wisconsin has relied heavily on the exchange to expand health insurance coverage,” wrote President Eric Borgerding of the Wisconsin Hospital Association (WHA). In a recent letter to Legislators, he warned a looming Supreme Court decision “could strike down premium assistance.”
Many Wisconsinites are waiting to hear if they will still be able to afford their health insurance bill.
The U.S. Supreme Court will soon rule on the legality of health insurance subsidies for those living in states that did not create a state-based health insurance marketplace.
The WHA estimates over 180,000 Wisconsinites receive tax credit assistance from the federal government for health insurance purchased through healthcare.gov, the federal marketplace. That is roughly like the population of Green Bay and Racine losing an average of almost $3,800 a year.

Two-Face Walker disses "Obamacare" but grabs up $69 million in federal funding from it

Reuters news service in a dispatch today cites Gov. Scott Walker as among Republican governors and presidential hopefuls who seek to dismantle the Affordable Care Act while sucking tens of millions of dollars from the "Obamacare" federal funding teat -- $69 MILLION, in Wisconsin's case. Wow. What a terrible law. KA-CHING!

My Obamacare story - in brief

I feel I really need to say something about this, even though it is by and large a private matter.  I have for several years been on the state-run HIRSP insurance program because I have a chronic (not serious, but chronic) health problem, and have been uninsurable through a private policy.  Since I'm self-employed, I need to insure myself. The HIRSP plan was a godsend for me, since it allowed me to have health insurance and allowed me to have a premium that I could (just barely) afford.  So I was, understandably, a little nervous when HIRSP was dropped at the beginning of the year, in lieu of having us all sign up on the health care exchange.  Change is always a little frightening.

I'll admit it.  Signing up on the health care exchange was at first a nightmare.  It was every bit as bad as everyone was saying, and I finally gave up, figuring it had to get better after a while (even though since it was clearly my only choice, I really wanted to know what was going to happen to my insurance.

Latest Marquette Poll: Walker Job Approval Tanking, But Lead Over Burke Widening

The most recent Marquette Law School Poll shows that presumptive Democratic nominee Mary Burke is now trailing Governor Scott Walker by a seven point margin, 48%  to 41%.  In Janaury, Burke trailed Walker by six points, 47% to 41%, up from a two point gap in October.

The news wasn't all good for Walker, however.  Walker's job approval numbers have tanked since January, when he was up 51% to 42%.  Now it's an even 47% to 47%.  

Other interesting results from the poll:

Dems: The percentage of people who identify themselves as Democrats has dropped:  Dems had a five point advantage in October, but have only a two point advantage now.

 Base Support: Walker has the support of 91% of Republicans, while Burke has support of 76% of Democrats.  Where are the remaining 24% of Dems?   Twelve percent are voting for Walker, Ten percent are undecided and two percent say they aren't voting.  

Health Insurance Problems Need Solutions Not False Choices

“What are you going to do for health insurance?” I asked. “I don’t know.” Sam told me.
It was a conversation I’ve had a thousand times since I became a Senator almost seven years ago. What was unique was the setting: I met Sam in an ambulance.
Sam and I had much in common, besides spending part of Sunday morning in an ambulance. Sam was a farmer, raised a lot of food for the family, loved farming and had a medical condition that made it hard to get health insurance.
After the patient (me) was stabilized, I badgered Sam with questions. I squeezed out a few facts. One was Sam would soon lose health coverage because of actions at the State Capitol. The other fact was Sam had lung cancer.
Most people think because someone works in health care they automatically have health insurance. But it’s just not always so.

Re the health care reform act, yet another case of conservatives acting like a two-headed monster

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel today turned over a sizable chunk of its editorial page to the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank. Robert E. Moffit, a senior fellow at the foundation in charge of health care studies, blasted President Obama for "orchestrating the federal government's 'takeover" of Americans' health care."

Aside from the curiosity that Moffit put "takeover" into quotes when it is his own assertion, the irony of his opinion column is hard to beat. After all, everyone obtaining health insurance through the Affordable Care Act's insurance marketplaces will be signing up for a plan from a private, for-profit health insurer.


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