An Estimated One Billion Dollars Will Be Spent on Foxconn Jobs... for Illinoians

It's very simple math.

Approximately one-third of Foxconn jobs will be filled by people living in Illinois, which means that one-third of the whopping three billion that Wisconsin taxpayers will be spending will be going toward Illinois residents:  One billion.

It also means that every dime Illinois Foxconn workers earn will be spent and taxed in Illinois-- not Wisconsin.

Therefore, if we give Foxconn the benefit of the doubt and assume that all 13,000 jobs will be filled, that's 4,333 jobs for Illinois without spending a dime.

Weasel Words


A weasel word (also, anonymous authority) is an informal term for words and phrases aimed at creating an impression that a specific and/or meaningful statement has been made, when only a vague or ambiguous claim has been communicated, enabling the specific meaning to be denied if the statement is challenged.

Example 1: Walker and Republican joint statement

Public employee union (gasp!) talked with Milwaukee County about getting same pay raise as non-union employees

"Pass me the crazy, please."

Okay, it's official. Wisconsin is now a political Wonderland, where illogic and craziness reign supreme.

The lead, page-one story in today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel provides the evidence, in an oversized headline: AFSCME District Council 48 allegedly negotiated a contract in secret with Milwaukee County! Shocking! Say County Executive Chris Abele and other conservatives, that's just plain illegal! Because, Scott Walker's union-busting Act 10 caused the union local to become "decertified."

They have it and they flaunt it: We have to get used to it, but we don't have to like it.

Money doesn't Talk: It Screams!


How Rich are these folks anyway? I think to most of us the amount of money that the very few rich folks have is nearly incomprehensible. But, let's take a look at a few that have had an impact on Wisconsin over the past several months.


First: Mitt Romney

For the Billionaire who has everything: "I think I'll buy me a State!"

Billionaires Buying Wisconsin


What do you get for someone who has everything? How about a state.


A brief review of Governor Scott Walker's biggest donors reveals more than just Diane Hendricks (net worth $2.8 Billion) giving Walker a $500,000 retainer to deliver a “red state”. She is not the only billionaire to make a down payment on a “Red: right to work” Wisconsin.


Back Door Scotty

It seems that Scott Walker is unable to make the normal entrance to the places he goes these days. Today he chose to enter through the back door. Walker came to Minnesota Wire in Eau Claire, Wisconsin today. He was greeted there by over 150 people protesting his recent draconian budget cuts and union busting legislation. 

 It's hard to say what was so important for Walker to come for his 45 minute visit. It could be he wanted to get some press with some Owen-Withee students who also were at Minnesota Wire for a field trip. We'll see if the mainscream press plays into his visit strategy. 

Backdoor Scotty

Trouble is Looming for Sen. Randy Hopper (R-Fond du Lac)

Since Friday, March 11 when protesters went to Sen. Randy Hopper's (R-Fond du Lac) home to speak to him, the story of Randy's extramarital life has been gaining more steam. Several bloggers have picked up on the story and the links are attached to this story below. The MainScream press has not really picked up on it yet as they may think it's old news as he filed for divorce in August of 2010.

There are a couple of questions regarding one of Wisconsin's 19 GOP senators may have to answer. Questions regarding both his residency legitimacy and possibly much worse accusations regarding favors from a lobbyist. It appears that Mr. Hopper is living in Madison with an ex-lobbyist/Pr consultant named Valerie Cass that once worked for Persuasion Partners, Inc. (PPI) PPI has a long laundry list of Repuglicans as their client such as:

  • Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen
  • U.S. Representative Tom Petri
  • U.S. Representative John Shimkus 
  • U.S. Representative James Sensenbrenner
  • U.S. Representative Mark Green
  • U.S. Representative Paul Ryan
  • U.S. Representative Phil Roe
  • U.S. Representative Candidate Jim Tracy
  • U.S. Representative Candidate Jeff Hartline
  • U.S. Representative Candidate John Gard
  • U.S. Representative Candidate Dave Magnum
  • U.S. Representative Candidate Sean Duffy
  • U.S. Representative Candidate Dan Kapanke
  • U.S. Senate Candidate Ron Johnson

Growing comment on Wisconsin's loss

Reports continue to come in from all over, about Governor Elect Walker's fight to keep a train from running in Wisconsin, and because of that to dismiss thousands of present and future workers.




Thanks to Kerry Thomas at Transit Now.

Bill Sell

Grief. Then What?


I'm reminded today in reading Scott Walker's answers to the press that there is a grain of hope, if we but wait and while waiting keep the story alive.


[img_assist|nid=18176|title=WalkerAtPress (jsonline.com)|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=300|height=200]


In August 2002 we learned at a press conference led by WisDOT that the bike path on the Hoan bridge would not happen. This, in spite of WisDOT's own report that the path on the bridge would be a good idea. We were dumbfounded, after 6 years of study and delay, long discussions among us (and secret meetings among the planners). I remember the grief and the feeling of having been manipulated by WisDOT - much like today's but with lesser consequences back then.



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