Request for immediate halt of recount denied

Today Judge James Peterson denied the request filed by two PACs supporting Donald Trump. The request asked fro an immediate temporary halt of the recount in Wisconsin. The judge ruled that allowing the recount to proceed would not hurt anything, and that the recount may proceed while the lawsuit makes its way through the federal court system. 

Judge Peterson has scheduled a hearing for the suit on Dec. 9. This is three days before the recount will need to be completed so that the results may be filed in time for the vote of the Electoral College.

Here's How We Beat Those Frackers

H.L. Meccken

Organize a bit more. That's it, with the corollary that we ought to consider supporting those involved in organizing. We do that we're home.

Some details include extirpating the DNC pukes and replacing the lot with the like of Rep. Keith Ellison, (D-Minnesota), and hiring some folks and paying them a lot of money to reach out to the white, Christian, racist puke vote

Who is on the Public Records Board? Privately taking this Gov thing private

WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? Well, we don't know, really, because the State of Wisconsin Public Records Board apparently did a lousy job keeping records on itself.

Minutes of the board's August 24 meeting are without detail or an accounting of votes on an motion -- illegally ignored in the board's public meeting notice -- that effectively limits access to selected public documents by citizens, journalists and others.

One Party Rule leaves no doubt if state falters

Editorial in this week's Eau Claire Leader-Telegram

But as Wachs rattles off the laundry list of GOP actions since the party came to dominate state government in 2011, it does give some pause to contemplate this clear rightward shift in this traditionally “purple” state. It leaves independent voters to wonder if the lopsided tilt truly represents the wishes of voters so split politically that our two U.S. senators, Republican Ron Johnson and Democrat Tammy Baldwin, are as polar opposite as you can find.

Wisconsin graded B- by small business

Wisconsin Open For Business

Wisconsin Earns a B- for Small Business Friendliness, A- for Licensing Regulations

Texas, New Hampshire, and Utah top rankings in Thumbtack annual Small Business Friendliness Survey; New York and California are among the least friendly states

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- August 25, 2015 -- Small business owners gave Wisconsin a B- for its business friendliness, approving of its licensing regulations but expressing difficulty hiring in the state, according to Thumbtack’s annual Small Business Friendliness Survey. Complete results for Wisconsin will be published at https://www.thumbtack.com/wi/.

Nearly 18,000 U.S. small business owners responded to the survey, including 219 in Wisconsin. The study asked respondents to rate their state and city governments across a broad range of policy factors. Thumbtack then evaluated states and cities against one another along more than a dozen metrics.

Wisconsin business feels effects of new budget

Wisconsin Open For Business

Wisconsin Small Businesses Feeling Worse After New State Budget

Thumbtack.com Releases Monthly Economic Sentiment Survey of 10,000 Small Businesses in the
United States

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- August 4, 2015 -- Wisconsin's small businesses reported a significant dip in July just days after the new state budget was signed, according to the Thumbtack.com Small Business Sentiment Survey, a monthly survey of independent local service businesses in the U.S., including 116 responses in Wisconsin. Designed with Bloomberg, the survey is housed and integrated into the economic functions of the Bloomberg Professional service.

Key findings for Wisconsin include:

  • While small businesses nationally reported a decline in July, Wisconsin's dip was much larger.
  • The biggest declines for small businesses were in credit conditions, and in financial conditions.
  • This is a new low point for Wisconsin small businesses in 2015.

Latest "Leading Index" for Midwest: One of These Kids is Doing His Own Thing

The Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank's latest "Leading Index" forecasts that in the next six months, Wisconsin will have the worst economic growth in the Midwest and the eighth worst overall-- actually predicting that Wisconsin with have negative growth in the near future. 

Action Alert on Legislature's Attack on Open Records Law

From The Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council:

The Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council is issuing an emergency action alert in response to the Joint Finance Committee’s shocking assault on the state’s long and proud tradition of open government.

This cowardly action, passed by the Committee on July 2 just hours after its introduction, is part of an omnibus motion stuck into the state budget. The committee chairs have refused to say which lawmakers asked for these changes, which will effectively free the state Legislature from the state’s Open Records Law.

The changes would exempt legislative communications from the law; shield from release all “deliberative materials” created for the purpose of making law or public policy (including opinions, analyses and briefings prepared at public expense); shut down public access to all records created in the process of drafting legislation; and specify that the Legislature can freely exempt any record from disclosure simply by passing a rule or policy.

At Wisconsin's top newspaper, just a slight sense of political disproportion

A business-as-usual juxtaposition in today's political coverage at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Bernie Sanders fills up the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, capacity 10,000, and while the paper covers that Wednesday event, the story runs on page 3. Aside from a crowd photo there's only a sidelong mention of the turnout: "thousands." That's in keeping with the paper's previously announced policy of avoiding hard-number crowd estimates, coincidentally imposed just when mass progressive moments were becoming more frequent in Wisconsin.  


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