Van Hollen's Vote Suppression Set to Fail

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In this day and age we're still fighting off voter suppression?
Yes, it's the age of the ahistorical GOP.
But Wisconsin citizens can take solace in the fact that Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen's scheme that forgets that the civil rights movement ever happened (and fails to appreciate the immorality of suppressing voters) looks doomed to fail.
Dane County Judge Maryann Sumi will not rule on a dismissal motion until a couple of weeks out from the election.
Van Hollen and Wisconsin GOP will play Chickenlittle running around telling everyone that an implied conspiracy of fraudulent voters will corrupt the election, but the GOP's proposed remedy to this election conspiracy fantasy, voter suppression, would not be implemented in time to impact the November 4 election. That's the take-away of Judge Sumi's hearing yesterday.
This ditches Van Hollen's scheme to run Wisconsin's voter registration list with the DOT database in the hope those voters with less time and money on their hands will be knocked off the voting rolls, or prevent as many as possible from voting in a forced two-day, provisional-voting process amid long lines and confusion.